Coach Bee

By BeePositive

Emotions .. Thoughts .. and the Coach

 You were labelled - or labelled yourself - as “depressed” .. “anxious” .. “smoker”.. “menopausal”.. “emotional eater”..

I was all of that until my Coach made me see that those are things I do .. not my identity. 

You feel that you do not belong in your tribe? Are you labelled as the Black Sheep? What if you decide what do you want instead?

What is the new identity you want for yourself?

How would it feel..

To fall in love with the one you see in the mirror?

To forget to remember to snack?

To love YOU for everything that YOU are?

To get rid of pain. Without using medications?

To have well formed goals?

To have new beginnings... With Your terms.

What makes YOU get out of bed?

What did you want before you were told what to do?

Do you miss the joyful person you were told how to live your life?

You were born with 2 fears in this world and the rest you have barrowed. Time to give them back.. isn't it!

Your conception was the result of an orgasm. Why are you settling for a less-than-orgasmic life

Now you begin to realize that you need a Coach.

If you want it .. really want it .. want it to death .. where Life comes after death .. then I am the Coach for you.

You are unique – and so is your tailor made plan. Call to book your free discovery session .. and let the journey begin.

I cannot guarantee that it will be easy .. but I can promise you it will be worth it .. coz you are worth it .. even if you forgot you are.

And my voice will go with you.

Allo Coach .. and my voice will go with you