Coach Bee

By BeePositive

Reclaim you r life.

Sex is not something that we do .. Sex is somewhere we go to - Esther Perel.

What does being a Certified Sexual Freedom Specialist mean to you?

1- You will get free sex? Phone sex? Online sex? If you think so, you will be blocked in a blink.

2- You can manage any negative beliefs/emotions that are holding you back and stopping you from enjoying a healthy and creative sex life?

3- You can work on any sexual dysfunction that is stopping you from reaching your best potential?

4- You can regain power over any trauma that has been shadowing your life for years .. without you having the guts to speak out .. leading to guilt .. shame .. erectile dysfunction .. lack or orgasm ..?

5- You can bring back the fire to your sex life .. or even create it?

Then you came to the right place .. where we can work on this in the privacy of a clinical environment while using many tools that will make it simple .. easy . .and fun.

Can be done in Arabic, French or English.

Live or online. Wanna know more?

You want it to happen .. so allow it to happen .. watch it happen ..

Allo Coach .. and my voice will go with you.

Photo credit to my instructor Kaz Riley