Coach Bee

By BeePositive

Are you feeling limited and blocked in your life?

What if you could change the thoughts, emotions and feelings which limit you?

Access Bars Therapy is a hands on energy healing process. It uses energy centres or bars which are located on the head, and unlocks them using gentle touch.

There are 32 different energy centres on the head and once unlocked and released they flow down into the body.

This brings the body and mind back into line and in harmony with each other. The 32 energy centres located on your head, each relate to a different aspect of your consciousness.

When releasing these blockages we allow the issues of the body and mind to return to their natural state of calm.

Common blockages that Access Bars Therapy helps to release surround issues such as:

* Money

* Health

* Creativity

* Manifesting

* Peace, Calm & Healing

* Communication

* Aging beliefs

* Creating Life Form

* Increase power & connections

* Emotional management 

* Kindness & gratitude

* Sadness & joy

* Sexuality

* Hopes & dreams

Once the above energy centres are unblocked your life may change.

You will be able to receive more.

Access Bars Therapy will relax your body, soothe your mind and recharge your vitality by bringing balance to your whole system.

This will leave you in a very tranquil and blissful state.