Coach Bee

By BeePositive

June 3, 1987.

I was forced into an arranged marriage.

On that day, I was sure that my life was over.

It was my last month in High School, and after that .. I will never hold a pen .. write .. learn ..

The dream was dead .. The dream of this little girl who promised herself to become a Therapist and help other abused people in pain .. because no one should suffer like her.

The deep feeling of sadness and loss was overwhelming.

Sometimes I can still feel it in my belly .. like a scar. Obviously, I was wrong!

The road was bumpy, but since then I got many international business certifications .. PHD, HRMP, PMP, ISO Lead Auditor, Health & Safety Instructor .. Many C-Level positions in international companies.

Yet .. the dream was dead .. I was dead .. or so I thought!

Since 2015, I became an International Master NLP Practitioner, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Specialist, NLP & Clinical Hypnotherapy instructor and surrounded by the most amazing trainees at BeePositive Academy .

Today is another milestone ..

Holistic Coach by IAHC.

After experiencing it firsthand with an amazing soul, I knew that this would be a different yet comlimentary addition to my toolbox so that I provide a unique service to my Clients and my community.

 I guess it is time to look into the little girl’s eyes and tell her: WE made it .. I couldn’t have made it without your strength. I wonder what next she has in mind for me .. for us.

Only time can tell.