Coach Bee

By BeePositive

Money Reiki is not a get-rich scheme; it enables you to remove the negativity that you hold around money.

It teaches you that with the persistent application of energy healing with proper action, you can gradually overcome your financial problems. Money Reiki is more about clearing out the negative energy in relation to money.

It works as a tool for manifestation for yourself as well as for others, as it washes away the negative energy.

Money Reiki is not just all about how to achieve abundance and prosperity but it includes three different kinds of energies, and how to deal with them.

1. Your Personal Money Energy.

2. Tribal Money Energy.

3. The Spiritual Energy Of Money.

Three Levels Of Money Reiki.

Money Reiki includes three levels, with each level your skill to deal with your money problems improves drastically. Each level is assigned with some symbols to clear the negative energies/ beliefs of clients regarding money.

Money Reiki Practitioner, though it is the first level, enables one to make significant changes in his financial life of self as well as for others. In Fact, in this first level, you are directed towards the world financial healing. You can perform a Money Reiki Treatment for yourself and for your clients. In this first level of Money Reiki, you get attuned to all currency symbols, like Dollar symbol, Euro Symbol, Indian Rupee Symbol, or any other currency which the student wants to attune to.

Money Reiki Master level enables you to do a perfect cleansing and healing Money Reiki session for yourself and your clients. The new symbols first remove the negativity, any mental and emotional blockages, and make it really easy to manifest one’s wishes with the help of the Manifestation symbol.

Money Reiki Grand Master is the most powerful level of Money Reiki is GrandMaster Level.